Domain Name, Web Hosting, WHAT!?

So a part of my reading I keep seeing “to run a successful business you need a domain and a web host”. At first, I was like WHAT!?

Being a geeks daughter, I have heard these terms before but never really took note of what they meant. So let’s break it down nice and low..

Domain according to my dictionary is “an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler or government”. So it’s safe to say if you have a domain on the internet, you have a tiny slice of which you are the ruler… okay? cool? but the internet is not physical you can’t see it. This is what it actually looks like (thanks to Magicworks Host)

Domain Name according to google “the part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain”.


What is Domain Name? <;


For example, my current URL is

The domain name is “”

The “slipstitchbyellie” is the name I want but because I’m a cheapskate and don’t want to pay any money yet it is a subdomain of WordPress.
Now you’re thinking okay cool, I don’t have to pay anything! but…

  1. You don’t own your blog/website … you don’t own your domain.
  2. It’s hard to increase traffic (this is SEO related)
  3. If that web host dies – YOUR blog dies… completely deleted.

And there are probably a million other reasons but hey I’m starting with a free one.

Now web hosting this is where you’re going to keep your blog/website, all your files and data. It is your server. You control the content and all the fun and pretty parts whereas the server where it lives can affect how it performs. Also to throw a wrench into that there are different types of web hosting and you need to find the best one for your website.

The first thing to consider is the types of web hosting.

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Server hosting
  • Managed hosting

They all have a bunch of different advantages and disadvantages. As I have been doing my research and planning for when I’m ready to rule my own domain, there are many different companies I can go with, WordPress even has it’s own hosting, WP Engine.
Here are few that you should check out:

The only way you’re going to learn is if you have a look around so visit a few, find out what your website needs and compare!


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