It’s my time!

Previously I mentioned “crocheting keeps me sane“, this is because since learning I have found it so relaxing.

I’ve read on so many different sites how important it was to just slow down and do your own thing. I seriously use to have no free time because I was always out helping a friend, seeing family, babysitting or just something. It wasn’t really until 2 years ago I started crocheting almost everyday.

So why is it important? Well because doing something you enjoy takes your mind off any worries or stress you may have and brings you to the moment. Whether it’s reading a book, listening to music or even doing some yoga. If it takes your mind away from your current madness it lets you mind and body relax.

They are even conducting a study about how it helps with mental wellbeing. Which really backs up how it helps me and makes me think there are others who feel the same way as well.

Do it right now?! Take 10 minutes right now to do something you enjoy like… i don’t know… blast Superstar by Jamelia and sing your heart out as if you were playing SingStar again 😉

*whisper* you know what I mean…

So when I crochet, it is time for me and it’s so important to take time out for yourself. It literally keeps me sane! What about you?

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