Where do I sell?

If you haven’t read my past posts. I am working towards having a successful online business. The reason is I’ve realised I don’t want a traditional 9 to 5 job, and I would like to be able to run it from anywhere!

My current selling/online situation is this:

  • My Etsy Store – which needs a major update as I’ve had it for 2 years
  • Facebook Page – which mainly my mum, her friends and one of my cousin’s comments on… I’m attempting to build a following.

I’m a complete noob when it comes to this but I keep telling myself “You need to start somewhere with something!”.

So I’ve been looking into a number of ways of selling online; drop shipping, Etsy, eBay, Shopify and all those sorts of things.

All have their benefits, this is what I’ve found from my research.

eBay I’ve decided will not be an option because they may pull their Australian extension due to GST.

I currently have an Etsy Store and trust me I am not a master. I’ve made 2 sales in 2 years but from my readings, it does take time to take off on the craft platform.

Shopify is (in my opinion) expensive with monthly fees BUT does allow you to utilise drop shipping products. This would be amazing because I want to be able to offer supplies like hooks and things like that but I would like my customers to have an amazing Slip Stitch experience and not have a hook arrive in 1 package and then 2 days later their stitch makers arrive… hells no!

WooCommerce is a plug-in to WordPress and I’ve heard both good and bad reviews. It mainly comes down to that you need to learn more about the plug-in to get the most out of it.

Instagram is becoming more and more popular for selling online and most companies use it to show products in a way makes you think ‘I might look that good if I had that thing’ and sells you a goal/feeling. This is something that I feel would be perfect for showing how handmade items are made and the techniques used to create such unique pieces.

So that is just a summary of my findings and I’m excited to dive deeper.

From my initial investigation, I’ll most likely end up with WooCommerce because I don’t mind learning things and gaining a deeper knowledge of WordPress + friends (it’s many many plug-ins) but you never know, I’m open to feedback. So please drop me a line if you have any for me.

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