Achievement #1

Yesterday I took (what I consider) a big step and purchased a domain name; howstichen and I want to share the excitement/process.

Firstly, I had been thinking about what I should call my Etsy store/Facebook page for months before I actually created it. I came up with Slip Stitch as it’s related to crocheting and sounded pretty cool. So I had to check does a page already exist? … and it did (a number of times as well).

Then I checked Etsy and at the time there was only 1 so I was like “I really love the name so I’ll just wack on the by Ellie part”, from there I created my Etsy store it wasn’t until a year later that I created my Facebook page.

That’s how I came up with my blog name but as I continue on this journey I find it’s pretty appropriate.

…. prepare for a profound statement….

I know I’m going to ‘Slip’ a few times along the way but I can always ‘Stitch’ things back together.


But achievement #1 part 2 since purchasing my own domain I now have 5 followers. Thank you to those who have, I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw it.

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