Achievement #2 – First Sale on Etsy


I’m so excited after 2 years on Etsy, I made my first sale! This is such an exciting feeling to see that notification pop up.

Now when this does finally happen do not worry. Collect the product and pop it in the post. Simple yeah? but what you need to consider is the customer’s experience of the ordering process, unboxing and feedback.

I currently have a very simple process, standard Etsy check out and I use Australia Post to send my items in whatever postal bag the order fits.

Within each order, I include a small business card with my store details and I also like to include some simple cleaning instructions for my crochet items. I want the customer to be informed on how to take care of their new items and be able to leave feedback.

As I am just starting out I wanted to keep it simple but I also want my customers to have a great experience. What I have noticed is that Etsy has made a number of updates since I first joined which means I need to update!

I would like to ask anyone reading this to please share an amazing customer service experience you’ve had when ordering something online?

Also, keep an eye out for updates to my Etsy page

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